Asian health beliefs and healing practices

On the river

Chinese traditional medicine, unlike conventional treatments, asserts that disease comes from an imbalance in the flow of vital energy due to a blockage. Therefore, it includes many holistic therapies which aim to restore an adequate balance.

Not all of these techniques are well known. However, each one of them has proven to be effective for the activation of the Qi that flows through the meridians of the body.

Healing the body through the stimulation of energy

Qi Gong, also known as Chi-Kung, is a therapeutic method that is part of traditional Chinese medicine. It is based on gentle movements that stimulate the flow of energy that every human being naturally possesses.

Due to diseases, bad habits or stress, the natural energy flow is blocked which results on a general weakening of the entire body. According to the principles of Qi Gong, if one exercises the mind with gentle movements and an adequate breathing, balance is restored. It gives place to the strengthening of internal organs, bones, joints and muscles.

Qi Gong provides two methods that can be combined to promote a healing process. In the first one, the individual guides the Qi through breathing and movements towards the zone that needs it. In the second one, the therapist is the one that projects the energy to the patient.

Asian health beliefs regarding the body, mind and soul

Body, mind and spirit are different manifestations of the Universal Principle. The organism is Qi in dense and compact state, while the spirit (Shen) is a subtle expression of such energy.

The individual has the task of entering into harmony with nature. It is achieved by refining the bodily essence of Qi, known as Jing, to extract from it the divine consciousness. In this way, the organism and the spirit are not separated realities. They become one through the unifying principle of life.

For Chinese practitioners, the state of the organism exerts influences on mind and emotions. Through the regular practice of these exercises it is possible to develop physical, mental and spiritual balance.