What means five-hour refund rule for long haul flights

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Few people worry about flight cancellations until they find themselves in this unpleasant situation. It is only at that point that they start thinking about their passenger rights and how to claim them. If this is the first time that you remain on the ground, you should know what type of compensation you are entitled to, depending on the time of your wait.

One of the most important rules in flight cancellations is the five-hour refund rule. Many passengers are not aware of it, and airlines get away without paying enormous sums in compensation towards uninformed customers. Here is what you should know if you want to get paid for your inconveniences!

How airlines work

Airlines have a high rate of success when it comes to completing all of their scheduled flights. However, there are cases where they cannot complete a trip, and even if there is a small chance of it occurring, it could still happen to you.

In the situation of a flight delay or a flight cancellation, the airline will do its best to suffer the smallest possible financial losses. They will avoid reimbursing their customers or compensating them according to the official passenger rights laws if they do not receive official requests and complaints.

It is your duty as a customer to use all the legal means at your disposal and claim compensation for this unpleasant situation. Your best choice is to employ the services of a professional company in the field that can do all the work for you and help you get a substantial refund for this drawback in your traveling plans. Expert companies will charge you a reasonable fee only if your plea is successful.

How many types of flight delays are there?

Flight delays can vary depending on the factors that cause the airline to change its scheduled departure. Sometimes, it could be a minor reason for its delay like scheduling glitches or maintenance issues. Other times, severe weather conditions or major natural disasters could prevent the plane from taking off for several hours in a row.

Generally, you can ask for compensation depending on the time of your wait, the length of the journey and the price of your ticket. In situations when your flight gets delayed between 2 and 4 hours, you are entitled to complimentary food, refreshments and access to making free phone calls or sending emails and faxes, but no more than 2 of them.

The trick is that the airline will not provide them to you if you do not make an official claim. That is why many passengers lose out on the opportunity of getting something for their inconveniences.

The five-hour refund rule

When your flight gets delayed for more than 5 hours, you are entitled to accommodation and a means of alternative transport to your final destination. Also, if these conditions do not please you, the airline must offer you the full reimbursement of your ticket price. This is the five-hour refund rule and it applies for flights anywhere within the European Union.